Days 3 through 5: Beautiful Wine Saves a Shabby Meal…

Ever have that nightmare that you’re going to the toilet and everyone is watching you? That happened to me…

Sustainable Life and Travel

Ever had that nightmare where you are on the toilet and you realise that people are watching you?

I have it all the time. It’s my worst nightmare.

Yesterday it happened to me.

I didn’t realise it before I sat down but the window to the outside world was clear glass… And for some reason two people outside were keenly interested in watching other people do their business!

Hostel living may not be for us!

Walking day 3: Akerrata to Pamplona

The trip from Akerreta to Pamplona was mostly pain free. It was a pretty good day with about 6 km of downhill. We had a rest day in Pamplona.

Life in Pamplona seems swell.  

Firstly, no one seams to get up before 9:30 am as virtually everything is closed.  (9 am on Pamplona streets is about as busy as 5 am in Melbourne)

Secondly, there’s siesta from 1…

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