Most People Have Never Been Taught How to Work.

We complete our studies through primary, secondary and some of us are lucky enough to go to university.  Often we receive coaching on sales and service skills, technical skills and even on our leadership capabilities.  But we tend to learn how to work through trial and error… and it’s very painful.

Quite often the strategies and tactics we come up with are counterproductive. 

To improve our performance, revenue and profits we often think we need to do more.  Work longer hours, make more phone calls, and attend more meetings.  We turn ourselves into busy bees but this is unsustainable and carries a high price.  We spend less time with family and friends, or we aren’t present when we are with them.  We neglect our health and put our passions on the back burner.  We feel out of control and stressed out.

Very few people turn up to work to do a bad job, we just don’t work efficiently and effectively.  We may have disorganised work environments, unread emails, missed deadlines and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed.

If this is you, you are not alone.

When I work with people to help with their productivity I have to let them know they aren’t alone in feeling anxious about their workloads.

A lot of people tell me that are distracted and having trouble focussing, that they are or their team aren’t performing.  Many people work long hours at night and on the weekend, and don’t feel present when they are with family and clients.  They spend important parts of their day on reactive low-value activities which distract them from proactive work that moves their performance forward

So many people speak with anxiety about everything they have on their plate.  Taking time out for Productivity Coaching is stressful at first because they’re worried about everything happening back at the desk.

This blog has been written to challenge your thinking about performance and give you simple, practical tools to be more effective and focus on the right things. 

I’m writing it to help you to learn how to overcome productivity challenges which lead to anxiety and to create habits which help you to gain control of your work week and achieve optimal performance.

The first step is to understand what isn’t working. 

What are your greatest productivity challenges? 

Let’s start with them.

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