Day 9- Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Nearly a third of the way done….

We’re struggling to find vegetarian food that isn’t Tortilla, Pasta or Pizza. Was hoping to lose a little weight but expect I’m getting chubbier!

I’m also getting tanned even though I put on suncream religiously.

We enjoyed a lovely meal with an Irish contingent last night in Nájera and now chilling out after too many carbs for dinner!

Everyone remembers Michael’s name but not mine so I am referred to as Michael’s wife..

The walk was nice today but strange. We are encountering poverty at times.

We walked through a place called Cirueña. It’s a ghost town.

Apart from a golf club which put on a half decent pilgrim lunch the town was dead.

Reminded us of Agrestic (Weeds) without people (and no sign of Nancy).

Spooky and sad. Even the land surrounding it was barren.

We are learning to book accommodation 3 days in advance. Still avoiding hostels because we value our sleep and having our own bathrooms (not always guaranteed in pensions!)

IMG_4063I do yoga every morning and then use a foam roller. Where there is a detachable shower head I blast my knee with cold water. My knee was perfect today!

Oh and notice the grapes! They grow along the route and taste amazing. No wonder the wine is so good!!

Tomorrow we head to Belorado- 23 km

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