Day 32: Pedrouza to Santiago de Compostela 18 km

It’s 9:30 am and Michael has a whole bar drinking.

It all happened so fast.

We walked into a cafe.

I went to the bathroom to freshen up…

…and when I came out the cafe had turned into a bar.

Everyone was drinking shots of Orujo coffee liqueur and “fire water”. (A local drink with about 50% alcoholic content.)

All 10 people in the cafe had two shots each along with their morning coffees, eggs and orange juices.

“Breakfast of Champions!” I announced.

What’s even funnier is that the bar woman didn’t appear to speak English when we walked in but as soon as Michael ordered shots she was telling us stories about her life as a groupie to the band “Status Quo.”

Michael always says we would have fun at a funeral!

We had a lovely day chatting and laughing with other pilgrims.

It rained all day….

I just knew it would rain on the last day.

Every time I pictured us walking into the square in Santiago I saw Michael and I looking like drowned rats.

It was a hard walk for Michael as he hurt his foot a couple of days ago and was in pain.

He said it was a blessing as he’d been feeling sad about the Camino being over and the pain made him grateful it was our last day.

I nearly cried about 7 times during the walk. At the same time I couldn’t take the smile off my face.

Finally walking into the square with Michael I was in tears again. We were absolutely drenched but in high spirits.

We celebrated by eating at a wonderful Palestine restaurant with amazing vegetarian food. We loved it so much we came back for dinner that night.

It didn’t feel real until we went to mass. The service was all in Spanish but we got the gist of it.

It was beautiful when we all said “peace be with you” in various languages to each other whilst shaking hands.

I took part in holy communion then got on my knees and gave thanks that we had the opportunity to complete the Camino de Santiago Compostela.

Tears were shed.

The journey finally complete.

Today: London!

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