Day 31: Casteñda to Pedrouza 26km

We are only an 18 km walk away from Santiago de Compostela.

Seriously, by now I could do that distance in high heels.

Tomorrow we plan on throwing away our boots (Michael has hated his since day 1), the shirt that I stained on day 2 which I’ve been wearing anyway, and a couple of useless sleeping bags.

We’re making room for a few key European purchases….

(I’m going to treat myself to a new pair of pretty shoes.)

The walk today was beautiful. There was a light rain which kept us cool (we didn’t even bother with rain coats.

We prefer the rain to the harsh sun.

Parts of the walk feel like you’re in the Daintree in North Queensland.

Michael thinks it looks like his Aunty & Uncle’s old farm near Bundy.

We walked past gum trees!

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the last 100 km.

The first two days of walking after the 100 km mark with an unfamiliar and much larger crowd were confronting.

Now the people all seemed to have disbursed and it doesn’t seem so crowded anymore. Like when everyone finds their place on the dance floor.

We’ve met some lovely people along the way.

We were talking today about the fact that there are some people you click with on the path.

We call those people our tribe.

People from different age groups, cultures, beliefs etc but when you start talking you find common ground.

We hope to have a final drink with a few people we’ve befriended before we leave Spain on Tuesday.

Quite a few are well behind us or would have already finished but I have a feeling we’ll see quite a few friendly faces in Santiago.

We can’t wait!

Tomorrow: Santiago 18 km.

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