Day 30: Palas de Rei to Casteñda 22km

Two days left!!! Two days until Santiago!!!

We watched “The Way” last night for about the 100th time.

It was amazing to see all the places we’ve been through.

The landscape, food, wine and people keep changing.

Palas de Rei is a small town which looks like it was impacted by the GFC. There are quite a few abandoned and/or derelict buildings.

We had a couple of lovely ladies at the pensíon we stayed in. One of them asked where we were staying tonight and let us know it was 3.1km away from where we thought it was.

Thank god she asked or we would have missed it!

We’ve found the food in this region is much more flavorsome.

We hadn’t had garlic for weeks until a few days ago.

We always have to ask for salt and pepper and have started carrying our own around.

The wine seems sweeter too and the cheese is amazing.

The animals on this side of the country seem fatter and happier too.

Speaking of happy- did I mention we only have two more days left?

Tomorrow: Pedrouza 26km

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