Day 28: Sarria to Portomarin 22.1 km…

We have four more days of walking!!! About 90 km to go.

This is the busiest part of the Way because all you need to do is the last 100 km to get the Compostela.

Yesterday was another beautiful day of walking. There may have been five times as many pilgrims but we still had a lovely day.

We paid about double the usual price for our accommodation last night so I thought we were staying somewhere amazing.

We got here and the room is nothing to write home about (although I am). In fact the bed is so hard I hardly slept!

Having said that, it had a great shower with hot water, which isn’t always the case.

Apparently the increased demand at this part of the Camino raises the prices.

I’ve also noticed the locals don’t say hello as often when you greet them. They must be constantly inundated with people.

Today the walk is mostly uphill. Our bodies are mostly coping except for a few stubborn blisters.


Tomorrow: Palas de REI 24.8 km

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