Day 27: Triacastela to Sarria 18.7 km

We had to decide between two routes today. A flat road which runs through a place called Samos (25.3 km) or a hilly route which is 18.7 km.

Apparently Samos monastery is amazing. If you’re lucky you’ll get a tour (usually in Spanish), and you may even get to hear monks sing.

Wow. Amazing. But honestly…probably not what we wanted to do for Michael’s birthday.

So, we took the high road and we were glad we did.

There was fog in the mountains all day and the whole walk was magical.

We only saw about 9 pilgrims in total over the course of the day and we still managed to bar hop all day (starting at 9:30 am!)

Sarria is at the 100 km mark. 100km is the minimum distance you can walk and get the Compostela. We’ve been told to savor the walk prior to Sarria as things become crowded from here forward.

Today was our favorite day of walking. It was a perfect birthday walk for Michael and last day before things get hectic.

We finished the night with a bottle of champagne (we wanted a glass each but language got in the way)!

Oh well- we can make a small sacrifice…

Tomorrow: Portomarin 22.1 km…

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