Day 26: O’Cebreiro to Triacastela 24.5 km

Three Australians, an American/Ukrainian and a Canadian are on their hands and knees searching for four leaf clovers….

Actually make that two Australians and an American Ukrainian are…the other Australian (me) and the Canadian (Jim) are laughing from the sidelines…. (see picture)

The first hour of today was a 4km walk to get back on the Camino from our hotel. We had to walk along a mountain road with about 50 cm of curb available for walking.

I was freaking out most of the way that a car would come screaming around a bend and take us out.

We were super cautious and got off the road as soon as possible. Can you imagine people walking along the highway in Australia?

We kept saying “are we crazy?!”

When we finally got back on the Camino again we started chatting to some lovely people and arrived in Triacastela before knew it!

The view was breathtaking.

The person we spent the most time with was Jim from Canada. Jim usually only walks until 2:30 PM each day but decided to keep walking with us until 6 pm as we introduced him to the Australian concept of bar hopping.

He is 68 and looks about 50! (That’s what healthy and happy living does).

We had a shot of cognac at 3pm which is Midnight in Australia (Michael’s 40th!) and stopped for beer again in the next town too…soon we’ll go out again and find some tequila.

6 days left! (Circa 145 km)

Tomorrow: Sarria. We can either do the fast way 18.7 km or the scenic way 25.3 km…(Birthday boy’s choice!)

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