Day 25: Villafranca del Birtzo to O’Cebreiro

I woke up today with some funky eye thing going on.

I’ve either touched something with germs on it, been bitten by something, or have gotten a stack of dust in it.

Was racking my brains to remember my remedy for sore eyes! I soaked my eyes in a basin of warm salt water. (Fingers crossed!)

We started walking yesterday at 9:30 and got to O’Cebreiro about 18:30 (with two 30 minute stops). (8 hours of walking)

Most people break the walk up into two days. We stopped for lunch and ate with some Australian ladies at the half way mark. One of them said “you look really calm considering you have 15 km left.”

“It is what it is!” we replied. (And worst comes to worse we are not too proud to call a cab)

It was a beautiful walk. You can actually rent horses for the last 9km and we considered it but decided that 70€ was a little steep.

Thank god we didn’t. I haven’t ridden a horse in 20 years and would have freaked out when the trail is nothing but a track on the side of the mountain..

We’ve reduced the number of breaks we take when walking. When you stop it’s harder to start again!

But, we were happy to stop at a vegetarian hostel 5 km from the top. The food was yummy, the place was nice and they even had yoga classes….

The workers were a little “too cool for school” but we always get excited to eat something other than Tortilla and Crossaint!

By the time we got 4 km from the top we were walking in cloud. It was beautiful and spooky.

O’Cebreiro was covered in mist when we arrived. We google mapped our accommodation and it was another 48 min walk away. “I’m game…” I said (my feet were dead by then anyway) but as we started walking we realised that we’d be walking beside a busy road in the fog…”taxi!”

Our accommodation was 4km away from town which added an extra 4 km onto our walk today!

We have 7 days left and about 175 km to go.

We feel like we’ve got this walking thing down now. We just keep moving forward and always stick together. Just like in life.

Today: Tricastela 24.7 km

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