Day 24: Molinaseca to Villafranca del Birtzo 30km

Molinaseca was beautiful.

We were so excited about our hotel and the (Michelin star) restaurant that we gave both the waiter and chef tips after our meal.

We made friends with a local taxi driver who was drinking there. He only had four teeth (all black) and a broken foot which had taken him off the road for three months.

As he told us his story in broken English he played an imaginary violin.

He was hilarious.

He gave us some Bunuelos- a Spanish pastry with custard in it- yummy!!

It’s the chance conversations like this with the locals and other pilgrims that make our days and nights.

We had a long walk today.

We met up with a couple of lovely Australian women and walked the last 20 km with them.

The terrain has changed and we’re finding that new parts of our body are

For some reason my feet have decided to start getting blisters and chatting to new people helps you take your mind off the pain.

Tomorrow is going to be full on.

It’s only 28.5 km but it’s quite hilly- most people are breaking it up into two days but we’re on a deadline!

Tomorrow: Bierzo to O Cebreiro 28.9 km

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