Day 23 Rabanal to Molinaseca 28.5 km

Today was a bit like the “Camino’s Greatest Hits”.

We had up hill, road side, down hill, mud, rocks, wind, sunshine and rain over the 28.5 km.

And the hits just kept coming!

Just when we thought the end was near we’d hit another bend or another town.

“Where the hell is this place?????” I asked about five times.

Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful but I had to work pretty hard to keep myself together.

I kept picturing myself bursting into tears when we finally reached our accommodation which was (of course) at the far end of town.

The man at the front desk of our hotel carried our backpacks up the four flights to our room. (We love him)

Michael ran me a hot bath.

We headed downstairs to order a meal and I ordered a bottle of wine just for myself!

The Spanish are usually uninterested in changing anything for vegetarians and the restaurant at our hotel have been amazing.

“Do you like red peppers, garlic and nuts? Mushrooms?” Yes. Yes. Yes!

We haven’t had garlic since we left Australia!

It turns out that the restaurant has a Michelin star.

We’ve found our reward for a day of hard work.

Onwards… 214 km to go (8 days of walking)

Tomorrow: Villafranca del Birtzo 30km (eek!)

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