Day 22: Astorga to Rabanal – 20.6km

We loved Astorga!

It’s on our list of places we’d like to come back and visit again.

We found yummy vegetarian food, great wine, lovely accommodation and fresh produce at the supermarket.

There seemed to be a good balance of families, young people and older residents.

As we headed out today we came across and Australian couple. Bob is 75 and Jenny is 77.

They’ve had a bad run as they lost their credit card the day they arrived, the SIM card they bought from Australia Post doesn’t work, and she ended up in hospital with a sore leg!

To make matters worse they didn’t learn any Spanish before coming and have been struggling to communicate.

We walked with them for 5 km and had lunch with them. Michael helped them find accommodation and then we took off as we had 15 km left to walk.

There’s no way we were going to complain about our sore feet after spending the morning with Jenny and Bob.

We both agree that we want to be healthy as possible as we age and still be doing this kind of thing in 35 years. So we’ll keep going to the gym, doing yoga, meditation, eating well and staying positive to achieve that aim!

We had to push ourselves the rest of the day as we lost a few hours with J and B. (Time well spent)

Michael suggested that I listen to music rather than audiobooks this afternoon.

I walk a bit slow as my thinking is being challenged by Tim Ferris, inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert or fascinated by Robery Cialdini.

Listening to music for the first time today was like pushing the nitrous oxide button on a V8. I took off!

Curtis Mayfield, Betty Davis, Stevie Wonder and the Roots spurred me on.

We just arrived at our accommodation and it’s beautiful. We booked an apartment with a kitchen, and washing machine, which is an absolute Camino luxury.

Tomorrow: Molinaseca 25.6 km

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