Day 21: Mazarife to Astorga 31km

We stayed in a complete dive last night.

A couple of people have reported bed bugs along the way so we are ever vigilant. We stripped the beds and used our sleeping bags. (A friend uses lavender oil and we’ll buy some today)

The towels provided were damp and smelt like mildew so we used our travel towels.

We ate potato chips for dinner!!!

Michael and I have a Camino saying “It is what it is!!”

Today was a long walk and the last 7km were the hardest.

We met up with a friend (Geraldine) who finishes her Camino today. A beautiful French woman (60 years old) that we spent a couple of days with.

(There were tears when we said goodbye)

It was a chance encounter and one that keeps happening with lovely people we meet along the way.

You don’t feel the pain in your legs/feet/hips/shoulders etc as much when you are walking and talking to people!

We’ve just checked into a beautiful hotel in Astorga…I’m off to have a nice bath.

Tomorrow: Rabanal – 20.6km

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