Day 19: Mansilla de las Mullas to Léon

(Rest day: Mansilla de las Mullas)

We woke up yesterday and the storm had set in.

We shared breakfast at our pension with an Australian, French lady, a Spanish couple and an Italian lady.

We didn’t share a language but we had a heap of laughs and agreed that the weather was too terrible to walk so we’d all get the bus to the next stop.

2.60€ each later and we were in Mansilla de las Mullas

We regretted it after we hit town (20 min rather than 5 hour trip) we felt both guilty and bored.

We both knew a rest day would do us good but I kept wanting to drop and do 50 push ups to pay penance for my laziness!!!

We had dinner with two French pilgrims (who had never met before then) and then took off next morning for Lèon.

We had an early 40th birthday celebration today for Michael because we are in a cool place tonight and don’t know where we’ll be for his actual birthday on the 14th.

Tomorrow: potentially too hung over to walk Mazarife 27 km…but let’s see what happens.

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