Day 18: Terradillos de los Templarios to Bercianos 24 km

I see the weather in Australia was beautiful this weekend. Perfect grand final weather.

In contrast Michael and I walked in rain and wind for 24 km today!

We’re now recovering in a little pension in Bercianos. Reviews said that it doesn’t look much on the outside but is nice inside and we agree.

The ladies running it don’t speak English but must love Australia as they were watching the light horsemen when we checked in and Quigley Down Under when we went downstairs for snacks.

Michael has a very sore foot.

His boots (Merrels) have caused him issues for the last few weeks. First with a toe and now an ankle.

He has a much higher pain threshold than me- I would have been complaining the whole way and he just keeps on trucking.

We’re hoping that he recovers with rest tonight and by wearing different shoes tomorrow.

You tend to get obsessed with your feet!

Tomorrow: More rain- Mansilla de las Mullas 26.7 km (15 days to go!)

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