Day 17: Carrion de Los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios 26.8 km

Nearly peed myself today.

17 km is a long way to walk without access to a toilet and I’m too much of a lady to squat at the side of the road… (yet)

Visited a church yesterday that asked you to write a preyer on a piece of paper for them to offer in the 8 am service.

I wished for health and happiness for family and friends (you’re welcome).

We approach each day differently.

Some days we walk together and chat.

Others Michael walks ahead and listens to music while I go at my preferred (slow) pace and listen to audiobooks/podcasts.

Some days we feel social and chat to other pilgrims and others we just keep to ourselves.

Today we chatted to a lovely couple for the first 17 km and then walked the last 9 km together.

This part of the walk is the Meseta which is known as the most boring part of the way…long stretches of nothing but…you know…still Spain.

Some people skip it… Some hire bikes…

And others do tours where a bus moves between towns so you can opt out at anytime.

We’re definitely not the most hard core travellers. We have gotten into the habit of having our backpacks moved for us to lighten our loads.

And we don’t feel guilty at all!!!

Tomorrow: Bercianos 24 km (with an 80% chance of rain)

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