Day 16: Frómista to Carrion de Los Condes

So, last night we had two dinners.

We started in a restaurant that scoffed at us when we told them we were vegetarian.

I ate macaroni with tomato sauce, Michael had chips & Mayo and we shared a jug of sangria. (They refused to alter anything on the menu for us)

Michael then found this beautiful oasis with vegetarian food.

Sh*t!!! I was soooo full!!!

The finding was so rare that we just had to eat:

– homemade croquettes,

– vegetarian lasagne,

– local cheeses, and

– hot chocolate pudding with a chocolate center & vanilla ice cream covered with hard chocolate.

Michael was as happy as a kid on Christmas Day!!

He practically cried.

We ordered take away for lunch the following day.

We offered to name our first grandchild after the chef as we left…

I lost 8 kg before this trip and I’m piling it all back on!

I had fantasised about losing another 5 kg walking across Spain but I’ll be back in my fat jeans soon.

In contrast with last night’s excellent meal Michael just ordered potato bravos thinking it was basically chips and was served boiled potatoes drowning in Mayo and hot sauce.

Today’s walk was flat…we were attacked by flies for about 7 km.

Michael has never seen me walk so fast to get away from them.

Tomorrow: Terradillos de los Templarios 26.8 km

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