Day 15: Castrojeriz to Frómista 25 km

Currently lying on a bed with my legs up the wall. Have been fantasizing about this position for the last two hours.

I have sore legs!

We just checked into a lovely little hotel. The woman on reception doesn’t speak any English and we muddled through the check in.

We love her!

She gave Michael and I cold cans of Coke, and took my washing away for me (I think she said it was €10….).

Today’s walk was tough and mostly without shade. There wasn’t much between the two villages so we packed Tortilla and fruit in a lunch box and stopped at the 10 km mark for lunch.

These villages only have 500-800 people each in them- pilgrims are a huge source of their income and their identities.

Some villages have more pilgrims than residents in peak season. I would never have realised the importance of such a thing for an economy and culture before I saw it with my own eyes.

Tomorrow: Carrión de los Condes – 20.5km

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