Day 14: Hornillos to Castrojeriz 20 km

We left before dawn this morning (daybreak isn’t until 8 am so that’s not really early).

We were at Castrojeriz before we knew it.

You know when you look at your bank balance and you have more money than you thought?

(I know… that never happens to me either)

That’s what it feels like when you arrive at a town you thought was at least another hour away.

Super early starts might be our thing now- it sure beats walking in the heat!!!

Michael has mapped out our final 20 days and our longest day will be 31.5 km (all going to plan).

We’re now trying to book accommodation for the rest of the trip…we’ve ditched the idea of doing the hostel thing (unless we can get a private room). It’s Michael’s 40th birthday trip after all!

Even just doing pensions and hotels can lead to cold showers, dusty rooms and sleepless nights. It’s all part of the fun!

Tomorrow: Frómista 25 km

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