Day 1 Disasters 

Taking photos as we sit by a beautiful stream. I snap a picture of Michael just before he bends over and spews.

We hit a cracking pace as we headed off on our first day of the Camino.

Thankful for the training we did we passed quite a few pilgrims on our way out.

Michael worried about this, “should we pace ourselves?”

I replied, “I’d be uncomfortable if I slowed down- let’s slow down when we’re ready”

At the 13km mark we stopped for a beer. We didn’t have lunch which was a mistake. Breakfast had been two croissants (not by choice- we left early and that’s all that was available)

The next section of walk was roadside.

Walking on the road with cars zooming by freaked me out. As I walked I wondered if this is where Emilio Estevez was killed by a car accident in “the Way”. Thank god it wasn’t raining. Yet.

3km later though we’re walking by a stream in a forest. Beautiful.

Headphones are our magic weapons. Michael loves his music and I love my podcasts.

Today I walked across the border between France and Spain while listening to Tim Ferris interview outstanding performers.

Things turned bad at the 16 km mark. Michael is a chronic asthmatic and the altitude put him in crisis. He threw up several times until there was nothing left in his stomach.

We brought a portable nebuliser and he stopped to use it three times.

We kept going up hill hoping for flat or downhill tracks which didn’t come. It started raining hard and the wind was insane.

For ten kilometres I lived in fear that Michael would die. He looked so sick. I kept planning what to do if he collapsed.

We took lots of breaks. Every 25 meters by the end.

When we finally arrived and were looking for our hotel an English girl was so kind as to direct us to our final destination.

She directed us 1km away from where we wanted to go when we were in the right place in the first place.

Unfortunately we lost our reservation and I was so mad because Michael by this time was passed out on a bench.

I found beds in a hostel. Bought Michael dinner from the available vending machines and carried our bags and equipment the long walk to our 8 bed dorm.

Then I carried Michael.

In the rush and stress I lost my purse, phone, and passport. By the time I realised the office was closed.

We haven’t bought sims yet as I was told to buy them in Spain. It costs us $200 to log into our iPhone Internet to check our accounts to make sure they’d not been cleaned out.

I was fighting myself not to get angry:

At the hotel who didn’t reply to three emails I sent along the way to confirm our reservation.

At the tourist who gave us directions in the wrong direction.

At the people in our hostel who wouldn’t give up their lower bunks even though they could see Michael could hardly stand. I had to help him on to a top bunk.

I somehow knew it would be ok but still struggled not to get emotional.

This morning I went to the pilgrims office and they had my purse, phone and passport.

We’ve organised to ship our bags today as Michael recovers from asthma but we’re still walking the next 22 km.

Yesterday was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done.

30 more days to go.

Lessons learned today:

1. Don’t take advice from unqualified people (applies to business)

2. Buy an ugly bum bag (I refused one because it wasn’t pretty!!!)

3. Croissants aren’t breakfast. Beer isn’t lunch.

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