Camino Training along the Yarra Trail

We’ve been walking for 16 km and we’ve got 10 km to go.

Our feet are killing us, so we’ve both put in our earplugs to listen to music to ease the pain.

I start dancing a little as I walk.

Striding out with a wiggle in my hips and lifting my hands in the air as if I am moving across a dance floor. I’m listening to an old 70’s 80’s and 90’s mix.   Blondie’s Rapture is the current track:

Fab Five Freddie told me everybody’s fly…DJ’s spinning I said my, my… Flash is fast, Flash is cool… Francois sais pas, Flashe no deux…. 

And you don’t stop, sure shot..

Beside me, Michael is undoubtedly listening to Hip Hop as he starts singing along to the music in his headphones…

Somehow, his singing is syncing with my dancing though we are listening to two different beats.

Lucky it’s 7:30 pm at night on a beautiful trail by the Yarra and no one can see us. Not that we completely mind if they do.

We’re having fun, and it’s helping us to forget the pain we are feeling in our feet, legs and backs.

It’s worth looking ridiculous if we are laughing.

We’ve got someone staying at our place and we’re heading off to Paris next Sunday. Once we arrive we move on to St Jean Pied de Port to walk the Camino de Santiago – a 792 km pilgrimage.

My Uncle David was the first person to tell us about it.

He’d walked it with two friends a few years ago in the coldest winter Spain had experienced in several years. Shortly thereafter I met a girl who’d attempted it and not finished on the last day of a Vipassana retreat.

We finally decided to walk the Camino after seeing the movie, “The Way” starring Martin Sheen.

It’s all kind of come together since and we have 7 more days until take off.  Two years of planning and saving, training, losing weight we’re about to head off.

My Uncle and his friends blogged his experience and so I’ve decided to blog ours too.

Can’t wait.  I’m a bit scared and extremely excited.

Knowing that Michael and I are walking the Camino together makes me feel a little braver.

You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook… and I’ll keep you updated on the fun here…(I hope it’s fun!) 

The halfway mark: 13 km in…”time to test our headlamps!”  

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